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Image by Atiba Jefferson

black midi are fascinating. With their debut album instantly turning heads, the band had produced something daring and confusing, melding odd time signatures with dissonant and jarring changes of tempo and dynamic. Taking their distorted world of sound and pumping it into their live shows, MIDI created an atmosphere which felt alien and supernatural, as huge tidal waves of sound crashed down on their audience, unprovoked and unexpected.

Follow-up Cavalcade tightened the band’s formula, enslaving it to a sense of narrative and direction which allowed the project to feel theatrical and visceral; while 2022’s Hellfire is a terrifying blast of militant rigidity, spiralling out against a forceful descent into madness, and showing the band at their most affecting and emotive. Maintaining the heart of black midi’s twisted adventure, the album explores new land but now with a deranged smile etched across its face. One can only imagine the band’s tour, which drops into the newly opened NX Newcastle on Saturday 29th October, will be a magnificent, scathing experience and not one to be missed.  

black midi play NX Newcastle on Saturday 29th October.


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