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Nothing gladdens the heart more than seeing Tyneside promoter Prancey Dog bringing vital sounds – new and old – to the region, and they’re doing it again with Leeds’ mighty Bilge Pump fetching up at The Cumberland Arms on Friday 15th February. Playing effortlessly cool math rock since the mid-nineties and, indeed, before math rock was a thing, Bilge Pump are true originals and one of the best bands you’ve probably never heard of. Unless you have, in which case you’ve already got a ticket, right?

Promo spiel on the tin says: ‘Organised noise, full of angular, abstract rhythms and frequent time changes. Post-post punk with sharp, brittle bones and a weight problem, long before hipsters told our kid brothers to like The Rapture.’ So, there’s that. Also, the fact that they’re blessed with one of the greatest drummers you’ll ever see means that you should probably make some time to go and check them out.

Support on the night comes from Tyneside’s hell bound fuzz monsters FRET!, who sounding like a “depressed Beach Boys” but with less LSD and more whiskey and fury, they’re the perfect band to warm your ears up before the ‘Pump hit the boards.


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