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How do you spot a humanities student? They’re probably the one in the corner, vehemently defending the existence of the humanities as academic disciplines to the maths and science lot… Maybe the humanities won’t be sending people to the moon any time soon, but the study of human society and culture is more integral to our collective future success than you might realise. How else are we supposed to learn from our mistakes if we don’t first study them?

The festival of the humanities seeks to ensure we don’t lose sight of this. Being Human runs annually, bringing attention to the value of humanities research on an international scale and conveying them at an easily digestible local level. Events this year run from Thursday 10th-Friday 18th November and include late takeovers at the Great North Museum: Hancock, Lit & Phil and Newcastle and Durham Universities where you can dive into the history of Hadrian’s Wall through the medium of LEGO, investigate English language change and Northern dialects since the Lindisfarne Gospels, and learn more about superstitions and regional witchcraft in an interactive dramatic workshop.

With activities to suit any age, interest and level of expertise, Being Human offers anyone the opportunity to explore everything that the humanities subjects have to offer – and you might just find out more than you bargained for.

Being Human festival takes place at various venues in Newcastle from Thursday 10th-Friday 18th November.


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