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If you’ve ever been to a classic concert then you’ll know that the experience can be one akin to hell for the average gig goer. Where you’re normally used to moving around, drinking, having a brief chat in between sets and sometimes songs and, of course, dancing and singing, at a classical concert that kind of behaviour is likely to produce some seriously black stares from other members of the audience. It’s this kind of attitude that has put off many from attending a classical concert, which begs the question: why not hold one in a more relaxed environment?

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment are answering our prayers by bringing The Night Shift to The Cumberland Arms on Friday 24th April. The orchestra are used to playing some of the biggest concert halls in the world but for one night the cosy confines of the Cumby will be their home as they play some delightfully relaxing classic music. The Night Shift stays true to some of Beethoven’s own ideas, including playing to small sets of connoisseurs in intimate environments. So, if you’ve ever wanted to have a quiet drink and Snapchat your mates while relaxing to Ludwig then you’ll be in good hands.

The Night Shift takes place at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle on Friday 24th April.

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