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To think that, following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album Muthaland last August, 2020 nearly spelled the end of American rapper and entrepreneur BbyMutha’s musical career. After a tremendous slew of banging EPs over a seven year career, the experience of making a full length album was a bit of a letdown for Tennessee-born Brittnee Moore, and she was all set for an early retirement. But the prolific songwriter just couldn’t stay away for too long: once her apothecary was up and running, she decided to make a comeback to the music scene, and she’s already released two EPs this year alone.

BbyMutha has made a name for herself with her own brand of self-assured, no-nonsense hip-hop tracks that aren’t afraid to grapple with everything from her everyday personal struggles as a Black single mother to institutionalised bigoted dogma. BbyMutha is also back on the road for a bit of post(ish) pandemic performance, which sees her drop into The Cluny, Newcastle on Sunday 29th August. Few could spit as many harsh truths without even breaking a sweat as easily as BbyMutha, so whether you need to blow off steam, have a good time, or just really need a new rap music rec, you could do much worse than an evening with Ms Moore.

BbyMutha performs at The Cluny, Newcastle on Sunday 29th August


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