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This Sunday sees an exceptional line-up of musical talent amid the intimate ambience of Tynemouth Surf Cafe. The lively local four-piece band Back Into the Wild, who formed just over a year ago, are back with a new EP next month. They have a unique soulful sound, cut through with mesmerising vocal harmonies and studded with electronics and indie-influenced guitar.

Americana-influenced Blanco White gives the precious gift that is beautiful traditional folk poetry from Bolivia. His sound evokes the rugged and wild landscape and the passionate, brave spirit of that rich Bolivian history. I can almost guarantee that you will not hear someone as unique as Blanco White. Take this chance to experience his embrace and you will feel the phantom of that loving clinch for weeks to come.

Caoilfhionn Rose listens like a dreamy road trip through a desert landscape with Sal Paradise (don’t forget the breeze gently cooling your face as you gaze at the fluffy clouds scudding past). Her songs are the equivalent of a meditative look into a gauzy mysterious past. Just sit back, relax and let her voice wash over you.

This is the perfect end to your weekend. Don’t miss it!

Back Into The Wild, Blanco White and Caoilfhionn Rose play at Tynemouth Surf Café on Sunday 14th June.

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