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Cosily tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Northumberland Street, lies a hidden gem of a place by the name of The NewBridge Project. For those who aren’t familiar with the collective, NewBridge Project is an innovative studio space which has been host to some of the weirdest and most wonderful work of the North East art scene.

2016 is going to be a big year for NewBridge, and they kick it off in style with a new exhibition entitled Anti-Body, a show held entirely by innovative female artists.

Lioba Schmidt, Marlena Gundlach, Vanessa Zappi-Taylor and Gabrielle Wood present a contemporary take on using the body as a mouthpiece for socio-political issues and wider metaphorical context. This is portrayed through the medium of photography, print, painting and video. Each artist gives us their own individual take on themes associated with using the body as an art piece, touching on identity, control, conflict and censorship.

Anti-Body not only aims to intrigue, but also to defy social and political expectations associated with the human body. In addition, the show seems to raise important feminist issues, and also questions the moral standards that society expects us to abide by. It’s without question that women have come a long way from being dissatisfied housewives denied the right to vote, but even in today’s society it seems as though we still need to discuss vital questions as to whether a woman’s body is rightfully her own. Why is a topless female so shocking compared to a topless male? Why do we see felt-tip drawings of penises all over school desks and bus seats, but never vaginas?
As a young female artist, I am eagerly awaiting what Anti-Body has in store – and female or not – you should be too.

Anti-Body is at NewBridge Project, Newcastle from Thursday 14th until Monday 18th January, with a preview Q&A with the artists taking place on the opening night.

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