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Throughout 2017, the Freedom City project has been commemorating civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr’s visit to Tyneside to receive his honourary doctorate from Newcastle University.

To mark this historic visit, Tyneside Cinema’s Gallery have unveiled the latest film installation from their Artist in Residence, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, which will be screened from Friday 8th December until Monday 22nd January.

Civil Rites is a response to Martin Luther King Jr’s acceptance speech at the degree ceremony, building upon his “three urgent and indeed great problems”: poverty, war and racism, which he saw as the biggest hurdles in society. Within the installation, residents of Newcastle explain in their own words how these issues impact or influence their lives. Depictions of key sites of resistance from around the Tyneside region are filmed as they exist today, moving from dawn to dusk across the city.

Mirroring Luther King Jr’s assertion to “work passionately and unrelentingly to get rid of racial injustice,” Zimmerman says her installation “embodies, through calm attention (listening and looking) the ongoing necessity for such individual reflection and shared action into the future”.

In a world where many may live their day-to-day lives without coming into contact with social injustices or devastating warzones, the opportunity to investigate our perceptions of these topics half a century on from the civil rights era in America promises to be both interesting and enlightening.

Also of particular note on Saturday 9th December is a walking tour led by Andrea Luka Zimmerman, the Angelou Centre’s Rosie Lewis and IKWRO Coordinator Pat Garrett, which visits the key areas featured in the installation.

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