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Remember the good old days of writing letters to people you loved, or to those in foreign lands you’d never met, or to companies whose product had let you down, before technology made communicating all instantaneous and less wordy/special? Remember what hope felt like before the “real world” or old age intervened? Well, those looking to revisit those better, purer, times will be pleased to know that Creative Writing lecturer at Sunderland University, Sarah Hobbs, is asking everyone, regardless of writing experience, to submit their letters of hope.

It’s part of a voluntary project entitled And They Filled The Skies With Letters Of Hope that will culminate in an outdoor performance with letters from the community (wherever that might be) and addressed to the community. These letters will then be displayed for all to see once the performance has finished.

You can write whatever you like, for as long as you like and in any language you like, as long as it is around the theme of ‘hope’. The letters can be anonymous or to someone specific (as long as you don’t put that person’s address on, GDPR an’ all that) and should include the hashtag #lettersofhope21 and the area you are from (e.g. the town city where you are from) somewhere on your letter. The piece will be filmed and broadcast in Spring, with your letters falling from the skies. 

If you want to bring out your inner St Paul (awful Sunday school joke there), then write, type or even pop your submission on an audio file before the 1st March and send to…

Sarah Dobbs
University of Sunderland
Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
St Peter’s Campus

You can direct any queries to [email protected]

Sarah is also putting a call out for community spaces. If there are any companies that serve the community and would be able to offer space to display the letters, then get in touch…

…Oh, and for those who stopped writing letter because of its environmental impact and are concerned by the implications of this project, then Sarah had this to say;

“I wish to reassure you that the ‘falling from the skies element’ is a controlled practice and there will be no negative impact on the environment or any material left after the performance. Please get in touch if you would like more specifics.”

Image by John Alderson

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