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Canadian musician Daniel Romano is seemingly a restless soul, whose musical output can be hard to pin down. A unique songwriting talent, his style veers from power pop to upbeat rock, always with a level of idiosyncrasy that ensures you know it’s a Daniel Romano release.

His most recent output has been widely praised; 2016’s Mosey saw him put a pin in his classic country sound, a direction he’d followed since going solo back in 2010; 2017’s Modern Pressure channelled his hero Bob Dylan; and in January this year he put out two new surprise releases, Nerveless and Human Touch, through his Bandcamp site as download only albums.

In 2016, apparently weary after a lengthy production session, he let rip with yet another sound which soon became Ancient Shapes. Comparisons to Buzzcocks and Television are well placed; tracks like the fuzzy and scuzzy Public Hymns and the short sharp blast of urgent punk-inflected rock Teenagers (The Rats) serve to display Romano’s ever-changing, but still instantly recognisable, musical talent. Reminiscent of his early days in rock band Attack In Black, there’s a spiky attitude at play in Ancient Shapes’ sound. Be around to witness this surprising artist’s restless energy at the Head of Steam, Newcastle on Sunday 21st October.


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