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Ever feel like Alphabet Soup wasn’t the most nutritious¬†or satisfying meal as a kid? Sure, you could play with your food and mix around the letters to your heart’s content but all you were really left with was a bowl of watery liquid that tasted vaguely of tomatoes and some rather limp and sorry pasta. Well, it’s a good job that the Alphabetti Theatre’s latest round of Alphabetti Soup is nothing like the meals of childhoods past. Instead, with a good splash of comedy, spoken word, live music and a bit of theatre as garnish, it’s a hearty and fulfilling cultural meal.

This month’s event is hosted by songwriter Wilf Stone, who has also curated the event. Comedy comes courtesy of Lewis Grey while rising writer Lauren Vevers and Your Aunt Fanny member Matilda Neill both provide spoken word segments. There’ll also be a brand new ten-minute play from Stephen Mack, Going Cold, which has been co-directed by Alphabetti’s Lee Rosher and new director Holly Gallagher.

Oh, and if you are in the mood for a fine broth, then this month’s soup is leek and potato. Tasty stuff!

Alphabetti Soup takes place at the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Sunday 8th March.

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