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Image by Ed Collier

What happens when the drama is over? It’s a question that we all might answer in very different ways, but for one Showgirl it’s about what it really means to be alive. She sees living as a bit of a mixed bag, and wonders why she should wait if death is inevitable. And no, that’s not the Showgirl from the infamous 1995 movie; that would be a very different story indeed.

Instead, this Showgirl helps to instigate an investigation into the darkness that rests within all of us, navigating the idea of wanting to end everything. Created in conversation with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, Caroline Horton & Co and China Plate’s new production All of Me, which has a special preview showing at Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 19th July, is set to be a multi-disciplinary dive into the human condition, encompassing desperation, live music, dancing and comedy.

Despite the bleak subject matter, the show will present the themes with a strong injection of humour. After all, laughter is a small part of what keeps us feeling alive, and becomes an integral part of Showgirl’s quest to hang on to life. What results is set to be a powerful yet intimate, existential and deeply human experience. And there’ll be plenty of glitterballs too.


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