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Have you ever heard someone say that electronic music is essentially soulless because it’s made by machines? The argument is, of course, pretty illogical when you think about it; no one ever says guitar music is wooden (keep your bad band jokes to yourself!) Still, the argument came to mind when thinking about the concept behind Algorave, a club night that focuses on the people making the music and dancing to it rather than the electronics themselves.

Algoraves, as their name suggests, combines the classic elements of a dance rave with mathematical and statistical elements that create certain beat patterns and rhythms, sometimes resulting in slightly alien effects. The twist is that it’s up to the people on the dancefloor to help the DJs make sense of what’s happening in that moment, creating an almost human-powered rave. It sounds bizarre, and I won’t embarrass myself by trying to explain the intricate details behind it (I would only do it a serious disservice). But if you’re looking for a slightly more alternative rave experience that’ll get you using your brain as much as your feet then the Algorave is the place to be.

Algorave takes place at The Old Police House, Gateshead on Saturday 14th March.

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