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Australia’s king of satirical songwriting graces Newcastle University Students’ Union with his presence on Wednesday 13th April. Receiving much praise online, Cameron’s newest album, Oxy Music, weaves a fictional story relating to drug abuse and online behaviour over synth pop and jazz-influenced pop rock.

Cameron’s music should be taken as that: stories. On his previous albums Cameron has meticulously crafted storylines revolving around a bitter washed-up musician, found on 2017’s Forced Witness, and a deconstruction of unpleasant politics on 2019’s Miami Memory.

This time, Oxy Music places its focus on an egotistical, drug obsessed romantic. K Hole glamorises unhealthy addictions, while the lead single, Sara Jo, breaks down disillusionment and misinformation from the internet. It’s his impressive songwriting that makes Cameron stick out amongst his peers, and why songs such as the hilarious Marlon Brando and the insanely catchy Politics of Love are considered classics of his discography.

The soft sounds and humour of Oxy Music makes it one of the best albums of 2022 so far, and an excellent reason not to skip his performance in Newcastle. Previous shows have seen him adopt his personas on stage, although hopefully not to the fullest extent considering the topics of his songs…

Alex Cameron plays Newcastle University Students’ Union on Wednesday 13th April.


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