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As anyone with a real appreciation of great pop music and great situationism will appreciate, The KLF in all their incarnations were clearly the greatest pop group of all time (and there’s a slap waiting for any dissenters). Since that incarnation largely came to a dramatic close a quarter of a century ago, both Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have been involved in any number of brilliant, wayward projects, be they musical, artistic or literary.

Cauty’s latest venture is the Aftermath Dislocation Principle, a travelling exhibition in varying combinations of three shipping containers that first appeared in Hoxton in 2013, but is best known for playing a part in Banksy’s remarkable Dismaland theme park. Evolving from Cauty’s practice of making miniature riot scenes housed in jam jars (a comment on containment), A.D.P. contains beautifully detailed scenes of a stricken Berkshire town in the aftermath of a riot, at 1:87 scale, including 3,000 riot cops. The work nods to everything from Duchamp (in the way it needs to be seen through peepholes drilled in the side of the container) to the Chapman Brothers’ notorious piece, Hell. And in typical Cauty style, the tour takes in locations that were once the scene of social unrest or riots, although given the prevailing political mood, he’s not ruling them out as the site of future uprisings too. So perhaps it’s telling that ADP Container will appear in Newcastle’s Stephenson Quarter from Monday 24th until Monday 31st October. Perhaps it’ll encourage you to gan radge on the Diamond Strip on your way home?


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