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Music meets science and visual art for two innovative concerts taking place in the North East, at Durham University on Tuesday 27th February and Sage Gateshead on Thursday 19th March.

International artist Adinda van t’ Klooster, current Music Department Artist of Residence at Durham University, has been inviting people to complete an online survey which measures their emotional responses to different music. In every other experiment of this kind, the basis has always been Western classical fare; here, for the first time, electronic music is being used. The results are being repositioned via high-tech jiggery-pokery as live audio-visual interfaces. But that’s not all: a computer is also going to be wired up and capturing music from an improvising pianist, deciphering the emotions buried within, and projecting them visually on stage. Sensors are used to record physiological responses like heart rate, brainwaves and perspiration and display them on the screen (so our advice would be to keep your bodily functions in check). And if you think this all sounds like out-of-this-world sci-fi mumbo-jumbo, just wait until you see some of the far-out images which are going to be projected onto the screen. Akinda’s work is illuminative, other-worldly, and above all, beautiful.

The pieces she has produced so far have explored the relationship between the body and technology and the links between music, sound, art and emotion. The opportunity to get to see these relayed live on stage is a prospect to get many a music fan/science nerd well and truly animated.

Affect Formations is at Durham University on Friday 27th February and Sage Gateshead on Thursday 19th March

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