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The day that Sunderland becomes a queer mecca of liberality, on an equal level to Berlin, is a day I look forward to. I’m obviously not naïve enough to think that this day is just around the corner. In the meantime, we can rest in solace that edgy queer identity is being represented and finding its voice through the artwork of Adam Wilson Holmes and his most recent exhibition, part of the monthly SOLO exhibitions, at Holmeside Coffee.

His artwork playfully criticises masculinity and gender norms through the juxtaposition of pornography and the mundane and calls out the patriarchal and heteronormative power structures that are in play in everyday life. His work subjects the male body to the same objectifying gaze that the female nude of classical art is subjected to and diminishes powerful representations of the phallus by using the male erection as a wall hook.

At only 23 years old, Wilson Holmes’ artwork is incredibly frank and eye opening. He frequently positions himself within the artwork in a daring manner that remains bashful despite baring everything for his audience. While he may not have entered the canon of established queer artists such as Tom of Finland, this exhibition promises to be one of the most daring things ever produced by a son of Sunderland.

Adam Wilson Holmes’ latest exhibition comes to Holmeside Coffee, Sunderland from Monday 27th April until Friday 1st May.

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