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Turn the light off, shut your eyes and listen to the things that go buzz in the night…” This is the deal A Whale In The Forest offers and boy do they deliver! The North East experimental artist’s debut album swings from semi to completely atonal soundscapes. A restless record of dynamic swells that are gone before they, or you, settle in.

Sporadic, intermittent beats erupt and then vanish amongst the desolation like a geyser in the Icelandic bleakness. When we finally get some melody, as in the chordal bass of Repetition Compulsion or stumbling piano of Progressive Regression it is dissonantly sub-melodic and tormentingly brief; a gulp of air before we lapse back into familiarly alien environments. AWHITF is fond of wordplay and uses the bastardisation of familiar phrases to deepen the sense of disorientation. As in the spoken word in Early Mo(U)rning it is proclaimed that “They say sticks and stones may break our bones but now the roles are reversing,” Thus begins the dark industrial clicking and swooping of Bones May Break Our Sticks NStones. Those hoping for a sneaky Specials cover in Concrete Jungle should prepare themselves for a more literal interpretation of the paradoxical phrase. In fact, while we’re preparing ourselves for the unknown, prepare for anything and everything from Machine Nature!

A Whale In The Forest releases Machine Nature on 13th November


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