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Warning! This show may contain traces of haggis, tartan and Scottish accents. With the the recent referendum on independence, Scots were forced to examine themselves and answer a very tricky question about identity: were they Scottish or British first and foremost? What about the Scottish ex-pats living across the border? Eilidh Talman is just one of those people who made the trip into England to find a new home, but it left her struggling to decide whether her loyalties lay with her homeland or the country she built a home in. It’s not the easiest of lines to navigate.

Talman’s latest work A Haggis Queen Abroad sees the migrant answering this question and many more including important philosophical dilemmas such as: can you really be Scottish if you don’t like haggis? The feel-good, one woman show will be taking a mischievous and witty look at Scottish stereotypes and the myths that have built up to forge the country’s identity. With her feet firmly placed in the ‘undecided’ camp, can Talman work out where she feels most at home? There’s only one way to find out…

A Haggis Queen Abroad comes to the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Wednesday 22nd July.

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