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Image by Danny Payne

In an edition of Brass Eye back in 1997, Chris Morris spoof-interviewed Jas Mann of Babylon Zoo fame: “Do you think you’ll ever write a spherical song?”

“I don’t know really,” came back the reply. And while Jas Mann’s career as a musician pretty much ended with that song off the jeans commercial, a few short years later, 65daysofstatic emerged from Sheffield with their own brand of aggressively textured post-rock full of ideas that would challenge the norm.

Now, close to two decades later, and with a number of critically acclaimed albums behind them, when identikit bands have made instrumental technical guitar music tediously commonplace, 65daysofstatic are, though often under the radar, pushing the boundaries of music in new directions. Last year’s No Man’s Sky soundtrack is one such example as, to mirror the infinite video game, they came up with a score that was also limitless – changing and morphing along with the gameplay.

More recently they’ve been experimenting with what they’re calling Decomposition Theory; working backwards from a full piece of music to explore it to its core. To find out more, you’d be best off going to see them at Boiler Shop in Newcastle on Tuesday 5th December to experience their genius for yourself. Whatever happens, it’s bound to be ground-breaking and exciting and to be honest, I’ve not given up hope on it being spherical.


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