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If you’ve ever known someone who’s joined the army then you’ll probably have head about some of the gruelling training they go through to make them combat-ready, both mentally and physically. In a way, the hardships faced by soldiers in their training is similar to the mental and physical strength that dancers have to display when preparing for their performances (we’ve all seen the movies; being a dancer is hard work!) If there’s any company that was perfectly suited to take on the challenge of representing the life of a soldier on stage though, it’s the Rosie Kay Company. As one of the world’s leading female choreographers, Kay’s strong, intelligent work that tackles a variety of subjects is perfectly placed to take on the challenge.

5 Soldiers encapsulates Kay’s intense and athletic style of choreography – perfect for the harsh and physical realities of combat training – and has been garnering critical acclaim since 2010. Laced with humour and honesty, the performance was inspired by testimony from both serving and former soldiers, to give it an air of reality not felt before on stage. The best endorsement though? Military audiences have given it the thumbs up, saying that the production truly captures what it’s like to be a soldier in training.

5 Soldiers comes to Dance City, Newcastle on Thursday 14th May.

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