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We’ve probably all taken a train journey at some time and met someone just that little bit odd. In my experience it tends to be lovely old couples who like to regale you with tales of their often surprisingly colourful past. But, at least on a day to day basis, my journeys on train are filled with sleepy people on their way to work, or sweaty commuters packed into the Metro on their way home. Very occasionally you’ll accidentally overhear the odd amusing anecdote, though. Quite often you’ll have to think of your own reason why that man with the beard looks particularly pleased with himself, or why the woman next to use has seemed to apply all of the perfume in the world.

Hannah Butterfield has been on a quest to realise these stories in her own mind and knew exactly how to do it. She decided to spend a whole day observing the passengers and commuters passing through Leeds City Railway Station, sitting, watching and often imagining what they’d been through. She wondered about the concepts of time, travel and the potential hazards modern ticket barriers could pose to romance.

21,000 Miles of Rail is the one-woman show born out of this unusual experiment, a piece that documents the imaginary lives of the passengers and makes us realise the truly romantic nature behind rail travel. It’s not all cramped conditions and sky-high prices, you know.

21,000 Miles of Rail comes to Stockton’s Arc on Thursday 25th June.

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