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Celebrate our 12th birthday with a brand new compilation album featuring some of the region’s most exciting artists and bands – all for free! Head to our Bandcamp site to grab your free copy, and read on to find out what inspired the artists behind this year’s compilation…

Celebrating ten years as the region’s foremost purveyors of oddball pop this year, quirky Teesside quartet Head of Light Entertainment offer up an exclusive for this year’s compilation.

Telling the imaginary story of a young trucker who transports live animals to the slaughter house, the subject matter may be a little unsettling but the track still bares the hallmarks of the Teessiders’ sound. Restless rhythms and kaleidoscopic synths marry with a chorus which hurtles along as the song’s protagonist makes a moral decision about his cargo. “Despite knowing he’ll probably lose his job, he drives the frightened animals to an open field, miles from their dark destination, and sets them free. Ultimately, it’s a song to laud anyone who makes a huge sacrifice by doing the morally right thing.”


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