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Celebrate our 12th birthday with a brand new compilation album featuring some of the region’s most exciting artists and bands – all for free! Head to our Bandcamp site to grab your free copy, and read on to find out what inspired the artists behind this year’s compilation…

Since their inception back in 2014, brooding Newcastle alt. rockers Weakdaze have carved out their own little space in the local scene alongside bands like Bares and Threadbear, producing some brilliantly gloomy guitar music in the process. Recorded with Chris McManus at Blank Studios, Room To Breathe forms part of a two track EP recorded in late 2017 and shows exactly what the band are capable of.

It’s an angst-ridden triumph, rolling along on a cloud of thick distortion and crashing drums, chopping and changing unpredictably and never wearing thin. As you can guess, it’s definitely not about happy things, lyrically melancholic and self-reflective – the band explain its meaning further: “The track covers the daily stress you can regularly encounter, be it through work responsibilities, balancing your hobbies around real-world chores, or just having a lot of people expect highly of you. It can be a real strain and it leaves you needing some alone time.” 


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