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Every year to celebrate our birthday, we curate a free compilation album which showcases some of our favourite artists from the last year. We hope you enjoy this year’s selection! Download the album in full for free from our Bandcamp. Here’s a peek at the track from Isabel Maria…

The world building in Isabel Maria’s songs is all encompassing, and characters are carefully drawn and delicately detailed. “Robyn is a song I wrote as a letter to my younger self and the choices she made – it’s probably the most emotional song I’ve written so far and it’s from my EP.” She explains.

This gently reflective and emotional song tells both the past and current songwriter to accept, enjoy or even let go of choices made over time. It’s a theme that’s at the heart of Maria’s The Melodramatic Milers Club EP too, where Robyn sits so sagely, wise beyond its years.


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