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Image by Kris Stewart 

Celebrate our 13th birthday with a brand new compilation album featuring some of the region’s most exciting artists and bands – all for free! Head to our Bandcamp site to grab your free copy, and read on to find out what inspired the artists behind this year’s compilation.

I’ll Get Back To You ASP starts off as more off-the-wall doomy psych from Shy-Talk, The Most Dangerous Band In Tyne & Wear™ before the elongated intro breaks down into a searing, sneering avant-rocker about trouser presses and CD-ROMs for fans of a stomping new breed of punk, Fat White Family and anything else mustard. With a ‘riffs first’ policy, the track careers from metal monolith to surreal white knuckle radgecore with only a haunting organ segment as the umbilical cord that holds the two together.

“The song is about being bored in the house and feeling guilty about your work ethic,” the band explain. “We decided to include it on the compilation as it will no doubt be the longest song on there and this is a thank you to our many, many fans.”


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