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Celebrate our 13th birthday with a brand new compilation album featuring some of the region’s most exciting artists and bands – all for free! Head to our Bandcamp site to grab your free copy, and read on to find out what inspired the artists behind this year’s compilation.

“Fireflies is the opening track from our upcoming record Wake For The Dreaming, a folk opera based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Our hero crashes his car and becomes lost walking in thick June snow before falling into the dream world and discovering a mysterious inn. Inside he is told stories by other peculiar guests; these stories make up the rest of the album.”

Ambitious, informed and intricately realised – and that’s just the concept. Nel Unlit’s Fireflies is skilfully crafted around violin, oboe, piano, layers of melody and deft gradation of form. A lovely offering from the Middlesbrough band.


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