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Celebrate our 13th birthday with a brand new compilation album featuring some of the region’s most exciting artists and bands – all for free! Head to our Bandcamp site to grab your free copy, and read on to find out what inspired the artists behind this year’s compilation.

I haven’t a clue how many times I caught Blóm live in 2018. Seeing the same bands again and again often becomes galling, yet I’m still to develop any resistance towards this trio’s stinging assault – probably since Erika’s brutalising bass, Hells’ vexed screams and Liz’s pummelling drumming seemingly grow faster and more visceral with each new show. Toxic Dependency is a shape-shifting monolith comprised of four furious segments. Bruising, confrontational and utterly uncompromising, it’s a catch-all showcase of Newcastle’s most exhilarating punk outfit.

“Part of the lyrics are about toxic relationships and being co-dependent on people who are damaging.” Helz says of the track. “When you are trapped in these relationships you feel like you are submerged, and it is hard to find people to support you to leave (or you don’t want to leave even though you can feel it’s an unhealthy dynamic). Other lyrics are pulled straight from passing comments toxic people have said to me, and regularly say to people presenting as female. The tone and delivery of these comments can shift the sincerity, knock your confidence and breed insecurities.”


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