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Image by Sarah Stone Stenhoff

As has become customary for our birthday celebrations, we’re extremely excited to bring you another compilation album featuring the cream of the North East crop.

The album is FREE to download from our Bandcamp page; today, we focus on Velvoir’s Pearls On Velvet.

Velvoir – Pearls on Velvet

Velvoir are musical archaeologists of raw sexuality and the primal desires that covertly drive society. Digging up what lies just below the surface and then displaying it in a well-polished, satin-lined case for all to see.

Pearls On Velvet is one of their many treasures, with its tight, driving rhythm section that gets your hips thrusting as the guitar caresses your ears, shifting from light probing stabs to seductive riffs. The music hypnotises and occupies the senses, leaving your psyche wide open to the soft baritone, or possessed snarl, of the vocals as they discuss lust and sensuality through cheeky innuendo and frank dialogue. The band explain that the song is about “submitting to the dance between pleasure and pain, sex and death. The desperate pursuit of that one moment. Whether it be giving into the pure ecstasy of an earth shattering orgasm or experiencing something so rich and full that you or a part of you dies. Free of inhibitions or judgement. A new plane.”


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