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As has become customary for our birthday celebrations, we’re extremely excited to bring you another compilation album featuring the cream of the North East crop.

The album is FREE to download from our Bandcamp page; today, we focus on The Welcome Party’s Dead Love.

The Welcome Party – Dead Love

An astounding wall-of-glorious-noise, this cut perfectly bottles the glorious lightning energy that has allowed The Welcome Party to become one of the finest bands the North East has to offer. Everything here is urgent, frenetic and every bit as face-melting as the band are live. Not many outfits can succeed in replicating the sheer force and tightness of their live sound on record, but The Welcome Party excel on Dead Love.

Cole Gilroy’s utterly insane fretwork is every bit as ferocious as it is on stage, with Jamie Thomas’s vocals offering a calm and commanding contrast. The rhythm section are also on top form, with Scott Bowman’s smooth and assured bass-work offering the perfect foundation for Lee Clifford’s utterly astounding drumming. Their debut single, Dead Love is remarkable, the perfect embodiment of the ridiculous amount of potential that the quartet have.


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