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As has become customary for our birthday celebrations, we’re extremely excited to bring you another compilation album featuring the cream of the North East crop.

The album is FREE to download from our Bandcamp page; today, we focus on Massa Confusa’s Conditioned.

Massa Confusa – Conditioned

Proponents of the DIY ethic, electronic post-punk duo Massa Confusa are pretty prolific within the local music scene. Not only do they book regular gigs under the Massa Confusa Presents moniker, supporting a whole range of eclectic independent artists, they’ve also curated two compilations featuring bands that’ve played at their shows. It’s a wonder they have any time for themselves, but Massa have amassed an impressive catalogue of self-released albums, EPs and singles. “Conditioned is the second single from our upcoming album which we’re hoping to release at the end of the year,” explains Morton. “It’s about apathy and how people are too often happy to be shaped by society.” A taut blend of skittering electronic drum beats, ominous bass lines and grungy guitar riffs, Conditioned combines industrial post-punk with the electronic fuzz of Big Black to create an ominous, thought-provoking result. In a live setting Massa Confusa create an almighty racket for a two-piece with a drum machine: Steve Albini himself would approve.


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