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As has become customary for our birthday celebrations, we’re extremely excited to bring you another compilation album featuring the cream of the North East crop.

The album is FREE to download from our Bandcamp page; today, we focus on Ditte Elly’s Had Me From The Start.

Ditte Elly – Had Me From The Start

Taken from her recent debut album, Had Me From The Start reflects the lighter and brighter side of Elly’s writing. The choice to double-track her lead vocal throughout the recording removes a deeper vulnerability that could sadden the mood, but here, the love being described is one that has been invited in to consume the narrators’ heart; a celebration! This joyous expression is further emphasised with a chorus of backing vocals finding ever more energy throughout the song; like springtime bringing more and more colour with flowers.

Elly modestly explains, “I just really enjoy singing it, so I hope people enjoy listening and want to tap their feet along.”

Although written three years ago, the gleeful spirit in Elly’s strummed classical guitar and Adam Kent’s spritely electronic sounds marries the optimism around this blossoming time in Elly’s life as a songwriter.


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