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As has become customary for our birthday celebrations, we’re extremely excited to bring you another compilation album featuring the cream of the North East crop.

The album is FREE to download from our Bandcamp page; today, we focus on Be Quiet. Shout Loud!’s (You’re Not) Sitting In Tonight.

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! – (You’re Not) Sitting In Tonight

Anyone who has seen BQ.SL! live will know all about their catchy-as-hell indie disco romps, and (You’re Not) Sitting In Tonight is perhaps their most infectious yet. Blending soaring synths with all the best bits of late-eighties pop, it also retains its indie credentials and is a floor filler from the off.

Ste Allen explains more about the track: “It’s a personal favourite, for a number of reasons. It signalled a change in direction for the band and we feel that it marks the moment we got our heads around writing a pop song, the video for the song is probably one that encapsulates the band the most and it’s a favourite at live shows too. The first time I heard an audience sing the words back at us was a genuine life highlight.” It’s just what glitter Doc Martens were made for.

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