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Welcome to the ninth annual NARC. Compilation Album, curated to celebrate our birthday but also to shine a light on some of the amazing local acts we’ve come across. Head over to our Bandcamp site to download your free copy of the album featuring 17 tracks which veer from quirky alt. folk, riotous blues, aggressive rock, disco pop and plenty more besides. You’re welcome.

Warning!’s track for the compilation will hit you right between the eyes from the opening grunt. A fury of heavy guitars, distinctive and anthemic vocals and a satisfyingly passionate chorus, Different Circles ends amid a primal coda of scattergun drums, false stops and buzzing guitar. The band’s focus for Different Circles was on delivering spot on lyrics, as vocalist and main lyric writer Nathan explains. “The song revolves around the notion of crumbling relationships, coming to terms with the fact you can no longer live alongside someone without them causing distress, whether that be intentional or unintentional. Though it took some time, we were all extremely pleased with the end results, with Different Circles showcasing many of our best attributes; heavy riffs, huge chorus, funky rhythms and instrumental ‘wigouts’.” Mission more than accomplished.

Find out more about Warning! on their Facebook page and listen to Different Circles below.

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