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Welcome to the ninth annual NARC. Compilation Album, curated to celebrate our birthday but also to shine a light on some of the amazing local acts we’ve come across. Head over to our Bandcamp site to download your free copy of the album featuring 17 tracks which veer from quirky alt. folk, riotous blues, aggressive rock, disco pop and plenty more besides. You’re welcome.

Of all the fantastic bands we’ve got in the North East, I’d stick my neck out and say Martha are probably the most inspiring. The gang of anarchists from Pity Me have a deeply ingrained sense of values which is at the heart of everything they do. Most importantly, their music is amongst the most powerful and exciting anybody in this country is making right now. Lost Without You was originally the b-side to their single Sycamore, released a couple of years ago. The very idea of being able to casually lob a song this strong onto the b-side of a short-run 7” really just epitomises what gifted songwriters Martha are. Lost Without You is a classic tale of love gone wrong, wrapped up in that unique spiky kind of warmth that makes all of Martha’s songs so likeable and so relatable.

Find out more about Martha at their Bandcamp page and listen to Lost Without You below.

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