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Welcome to the ninth annual NARC. Compilation Album, curated to celebrate our birthday but also to shine a light on some of the amazing local acts we’ve come across. Head over to our Bandcamp site to download your free copy of the album featuring 17 tracks which veer from quirky alt. folk, riotous blues, aggressive rock, disco pop and plenty more besides. You’re welcome.

It’s tricky to consider Barry Hyde’s new solo venture outside the context of his previous work with The Futureheads, perhaps because in our heads his voice is so thickly intertwined with their body of work. It’s a fact, though, that the sheer energy which characterised The Futureheads’ records and live shows had the unfortunate side effect of meaning they weren’t given the credit they deserved as groundbreaking songwriters. Hyde’s solo output gives him the chance to show off what a capable artist he is in his own right. While We Were Sleeping is built around a lush piano melody which is adorned by his distinctive voice, at once shy but powerful, starting off naked and heartrending before building to a powerful, defiant finale. It’s worth getting excited over the forthcoming album, because it looks like we’re in for a cracker. If While We Were Sleeping is anything to go by, then the album is likely to be a gorgeous prospect.

Listen to While We Were Sleeping Below.

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