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Welcome to the ninth annual NARC. Compilation Album, curated to celebrate our birthday but also to shine a light on some of the amazing local acts we’ve come across. Head over to our Bandcamp site to download your free copy of the album featuring 17 tracks which veer from quirky alt. folk, riotous blues, aggressive rock, disco pop and plenty more besides. You’re welcome.

Prepare to be consumed by an alluring rhythm section and caught in the trap of a snarling riff until being swallowed up in one gulp, as the full throttle of Money eventually dismantles its victim in the midst of the desert, rather than the North Yorkshire Moors. Avalanche Party’s track creates a whole new identity for the band as Jordan Bell’s relaxed vocals allow the lyrics to enchant the listener into a false sense of security.

Money is the band’s first release of 2015, as bassist Joe Bell explains: “The song was formed after listening to blues, gospel, rock and roll and hip-hop records, a few smokes and a few bottles of red wine. The end result is a dark tune but also quite uplifting and melodic. Whenever I listen to the song I can imagine it being the soundtrack to some wild beast stalking its prey.”

Find out more about Avalanche Party at their Soundcloud page and listen to Money below.

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