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Tyneside’s award-winning jazz musician, Zoe Gilby, has spent the past four months ‘performing’ alongside husband, and esteemed bass player, Andy Champion, on Patreon in order to keep the creative juices flowing.

Prior to the current climate, one which stopped all live performances across the globe, Zoe and Andy had already put together a number of pieces of work with not one, but two albums having been expected this year. Their Living in Shadows project, from which the first release, For The Day, is available via all digital platforms on July 31.

Here she talks to NARC Magazine about her inspiration behind the upcoming release…

Living in Shadows is a new project which draws inspiration from our combined love of alt pop and progressive rock. Making use of different instrumentation and textures we were able to produce a collection of songs that turned out to be quite different to our usual, jazz sound. Because these tracks have their own identity we decided to give the project its own ‘band name’ – Living In Shadows.

Our eponymously titled debut album, scheduled for release on November 27, deals with themes of movement and transition.

The debut single, For The Day, therefore concentrates on the idea of bird migration and the promise of a new journey, a new beginning.

I had the initial melody idea sketched out in my mind and the lyrical idea came to me whilst I was lying on our bed gazing out of the window and a flock of migrating birds sailed by. I was struck by that image of the flock taking to the sky as a protected group about to embark on an adventure.

I took that idea to Andy (Champion, multi-instrumentalist) and he composed and arranged this beautiful, dynamic piece.

It became clear that more lyrical content was required so I continued to write and composed the lyrics for the bridge section. We needed to portray not just the imagery of the beautiful, graceful shape commanding their direction but also the desire that we humans, long to know where they are going and to follow their path.

Andy and I feel that For The Day is about escaping from our own environment and embracing a new territory of our own, amongst the safe confines of those who protect us and allow us to fly free.

For The Day, the debut single from the Living in Shadows project by Zoe Gilby and Andy Champion, will be available to download via all digital platforms on Friday 31 July.

Featuring new social media platforms, Living in Shadows can be found on Facebook via and Twitter or via

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