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Hartlepool death metal band Vulgar Dissection produce a mighty sound for a mere trio. Incorporating guttural vocals with meticulous riffs and heart-stopping rhythms, they release their new album, Buried And Forgotten, on 5th December. Here, the band talk about what inspires them to create their thrilling sound.

After the inception of Vulgar Dissection in late 2016, we have been continuously writing new material, eventually becoming our debut album Buried and Forgotten. With this release, we are re-inventing ourselves as a band, in our eyes a massive development in our sound from the 2018 EP Chainsaw Surgery.  We aimed to write music that we enjoy listening to and we have poured our collective and different influences into this album, not only when writing the songs but also during the recording process. 

At the beginning of 2020, our friends in Live Burial released their second album Unending Futility, a death metal masterpiece definitely worth checking out.  Upon endlessly listening to the release and its overall brutality, we became excited about releasing an album of our own.  Creatively, we wanted the album to sound a certain way, therefore coming to the conclusion that we should record it ourselves.  Taking the DIY route of some of our favourite black metal artists, especially Darkthrone.  Additionally, some of the tracks on the album, such as Bruises of Strangulation and Femur Breaker benefited from the process, as we were not limited to paid studio time and had endless hours tweaking and developing towards an album we are more than happy to put our name to.  

Artwork and Buried and Forgotten

Throughout the writing and recording process, many ideas were thrown around about which track could be the title track.  In some respects, choosing Buried and Forgotten a song about dying alone with no legacy, has restrained the extreme shock value of death metal that we love, pioneered by bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus.  Believe us, we could have chosen artwork far more, offensive, vile and disgusting. But we thought the title and the artwork influenced by it encapsulates the overall album theme of different ways to die.  Additionally, the artwork features subtle references to the titles of other songs from the album such as Devoured, Ritualistic Mutilation and Force Fed the Flesh of the Dead.

Victim of Your Own Perverted Ways

The majority of the songs on the album spawned from riffs that we liked and eventually turned into full songs, except for the first single Victim of Your Own Perverted Ways that our guitarist and vocalist Liam Wales started writing the lyrics for after reading a news article on the arrest of a paedophile within his local area.  After the disgust, the idea for the song depicting the violent death of someone with those foul traits came to be, and we wrote the music around it. 

Musically, drummer Christian Tunney was greatly influenced by the style of Paul Mazurkiewicz of Cannibal Corpse,  incorporating his form of blast beat, the Hammer or Corpse Blast, in which both hands, one on the hi-hat and one on the snare, play at the same time and the feet double up that rhythm creating a pounding machine gun like rhythm, into many of the songs.  Furthermore, involving immense speed and power that reinforces the technical riffs on the bass and the guitar.  

Sodomised Cannibalised, Force Fed the Flesh of the Dead and Devoured

Murder and serial killers were a major influence when determining what the lyrics for each song should be about.  Sodomised Cannibalised tells the tale of real life, malicious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in detail, especially the ‘mindless zombies’ he created out of his many victims.  On the other hand, horror film franchises are also included in the lyrics on the album, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in particular.  Both Force Fed the Flesh of the Dead and Devoured discuss the murderous family’s cannibalistic characteristics and specifically how their victims are tortured and prepared to be served.  

Bruises of Strangulation, Ritualistic Mutilation and Corpsefucker

As do many of our songs, the catchy element is of great importance when writing, taking influence from artists such as Facebreaker and Obituary.  Whether it be a catchy riff, chorus or repeatedly saying “Corpsefucker”, we strived to include a hook to engage not just ourselves in the song but also our audience.  Another example in these songs especially is the simple, almost predictable song structure we have defined as our sound and gives ourselves great enjoyment, especially when the slam kicks in.  

Femur Breaker

The second single, Femur Breaker was initially going to be a revamped version of Chainsaw Surgery found on our EP of the same name.  During the rewriting process, drummer Christian Tunney was inspired by a training video he was shown at work involving the dangers of using hydraulic equipment, specifically a 100 tonne press, which is referenced in the song both lyrically and with sound clips. The riff that features throughout the song was directly influenced by the slam bands (or bands that influenced slams and breakdowns), such as Devourment, Suffocation and Vulvectomy.  Additionally, vocalists Luke Kerr (also bassist) and Liam Wales perform the brutal low guttural vocals, like those of Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture and Suffocation, to produce the most brutal, dirty music we can and want to make.  This is the track we are really excited to play live and believe it sums up our past and future as Vulgar Dissection.


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