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Vice Killer are a four-piece alternative/indie band from County Durham who have just released their latest single, Alone, In This World. The track, recorded in Blast Studios Newcastle in early 2021 by Alex McArthur, is written from the perspective of someone who had just entered the world today, and voices their immediate feelings on the loneliness that exists within it. Despite the sombre tone, the rhythm of the song is actually quite upbeat but expertly balanced by some haunting riffs, a sharp, stabbing breakdown and contemplative vocals, all of which makes for a rather enjoyable listen.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Thomas Gilling, tells us more about what inspired this track…

I wrote Alone, in This World during September and October of 2020. Often the words can come before the music but in this instance, I had composed the melody before writing a single verse. It was written with the state of the world in mind, 2020 seemed to be a never-ending tunnel of bad news and bleakness. The year had tested everyone in different ways and I wanted to portray the isolation of current life. It was written from the perspective of someone who had just entered the world today, and voicing their immediate feelings. 

The song’s vibe was immediately clear which made it very easy to choose a topic to write about. Artists such as McCarthy and Stereolab were a big inspiration lyrically. During 2020 I was reading the words by Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab, she often discusses the goings on in the world within a four-minute song. With that in mind, I wanted to use each verse as an opportunity to reference the world today and to cover the topic of loneliness. An album I had listened to nonstop was ‘Mars Audiac Quintet’ by Stereolab, and particularly a song called ‘Ping Pong’ has had a significant impact on the songs I had written towards the end of 2020.  Alone, in This World references those in power and the lack of support from them, I hope this song somehow resonates with people.

Lewis had asked for a song that would be driven by his drums and Jack’s bass, so the rhythm was very focussed on the drums to allow the lead guitar to fill in the gaps. James is the lead guitarist of the band, and writes his own lead after hearing the song. There was no need to explain what kind of sound I wanted from him, the lead guitar hauntingly drifts in and out of the song. It was important to create an atmosphere with this song, listening to artists such as Portishead gave us ideas of how to do this.  I am not much of a guitarist, but I had written a short solo in the middle of the song, James had also written his own solo for the same part. We wanted to include a dual guitar solo in the middle section of the song as it was something we hadn’t done yet as a band. 

The artwork for the single was created by a digital artist called Thomas Easton, who is certainly my favourite artist, he has also done more work for us that has yet to be released. He creates a Sci-Fi art which I felt would be perfect for our songs, he creates unseen worlds in his art and aspects of seclusion. Artists such as Thomas, are another big inspiration to us as a band and we love working with creative individuals and writing music that speaks through the artwork.

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