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Leeds-based alt-rocker Venus Grrrls drop their latest single, Liar Liar, a song packed with punch and soaring melodies that present the dark yet empowering discourse surrounding their own synergistic experiences.

Here, the band tell us what inspired the track…

Liar Liar is all about seeing someone you care about manipulated, demeaned, and have their self-esteem crushed by a narcissistic individual can evoke a sense of helplessness and frustration. Liar Liar is written from the abuser’s grip, but encourages the idea that people can reclaim their autonomy, rediscover their worth, and ultimately, forge a path towards renewed emotional well-being and empowerment. Liar Liar took some time to finish, both lyrically and instrumentally. The topic, often very personal and contextual was something I wanted to make sure was adequately represented despite its vast nature. The idea was that the ‘narrator’ of the song has become aware of the dynamic of another relationship and that it isn’t necessarily a good dynamic. Spotting patterns of emotional manipulation and abuse, the narrator seeks not only to empower the victim but to let the perpetrator know that they’ve figured out what’s happening despite the ‘games’.

Some of the songs behind the track: 

The Cure – Forest: We were really inspired by the sound of The Cure, the use of synthesisers and atmosphere they create in their music.

Garbage – Vow: We love the blend of guitars and electronic music in Garbage’s music. They have always been a massive influence to the band.

Wolf Alice – Giant Peach: We were inspired by the vocal delivery in this song. We love Wolf Alice.

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