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Sunderland rapper Tuckage drops his new EP, Boy From The Farm, this Friday (19th March). This project is one of three that all connect to each other, with the next (a debut album) to be released in Summer. All money made will be going towards the Down’s Syndrome Association charity as Tuckage’s baby daughter was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome not long after she was born.

Here, the rapper tells us about the inspiration behind his latest musical offering…

My inspiration for this new release has definitely been my baby daughter, she’s really given me that purpose again. I’ve really found myself in that and decided to create three projects over the next six months, beginning with Boy From The Farm. 

Boy From The Farm represents where I grew up, what I’m about, my past experiences, things I’ve seen and moments in time I’ve dealt with .

1. Say What I Am – ‘I was just a boy from the farm kicking the ball down the yard ‘ my passion for football will always show Through on my lyrics , to be a footballer was always my first dream haha! This first track is hard hitting and right up in your face, sometimes the truth hurts the say. I love to remind people I’m from Sunderland so I let my Mackem slang shine through.

2. Ya Can Say – We go a little darker and deeper on this track with some raw emotions , pain that I couldn’t speak to people face to face about ! so I love to let go on certain tracks , I ain’t afraid to tell my story through my music and that’s one thing that is unique about me and my story . 

3. Outta This World – A little more up tempo but still some feelings get spoken about , just a reminder that it’s okay to speak about your problems and that the is people out there even if you feel like the isn’t , still I let people know that ya can’t trust everyone you meet and that’s the life we live in . 

4. Town End Farm – This one is one of my favourite tracks from the project. I hope people feel what I’m saying on this one. I think this one will speak to you more when you listen to it, The words, meaning and everything behind it is really powerful.

5. Battle Hard – We’ve been through many battles and there are many more to come in this life. I end this project with a truthful statement about how things are once you get past a bad stage in your life . 

Also, big thanks to Dave Stebbing and Cosy Home Solutions for helping me with the charity work around this next project starting with our 4 miles every 4 hours challenge, which we start on the 19th of March. We’ve already raised well over £1k and heading towards £2k the end of March they’ve been a big help with it all!! 

If you’d like to make a donation, click here.

Pre-save the Boy From The Farm here.

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