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Bedroom pop purveyor, Trunky Juno, who if you remember was one of BBC Introducing In The North-East’s top tip for this year, looks to brighten up our bleak lockdown period with his Summer banger, So Cool, (released 28th April via Silent Kid Record). With its falsetto oooo sounds, slacker chic lyrics and his signature lo-fi indie sound, the song gives us something a little different to previous releases but has all you need to smile again. 

Here Trunky shares with us behind this latest release…

‘So Cool’ was recorded last year predominantly in my basement/home studio/empty coca-cola can museum. I wrote it together with David Alexander way back in the times when we were allowed to interact with other humans, and unlimited outdoors time was foolishly taken for granted. 

I seem to recall there being a very metal sounding, half time chorus initially along the lines of Sleigh Bells, which contrasted hugely with the fun verses. That went rapidly out of the window as I uttered a very poetic line which went “cool, cool, feel so cool, coo-cool”. It was at this point I could feel the presence of Wordsworth turning in his grave with envy as I furthered this with “cool, cool, feel so cool, coo-coo-cool”. David turned towards me and looked down his glasses, so to look at me with his real eyes in an unbroken stare, with an expression of which I could not yet tell represented that of a disappointed father or a scientist witnessing a long-awaited breakthrough. He repeated, “coo-coo cool?”. 

From here on out it was clear this was going to be a very silly and ironic pop song, and a nostalgic throwback to the ’90s. It’s also worth noting I went through a phase around this time where I couldn’t stop listening to Two Princes by The Spin Doctors every single day, and I had no idea why. 

I was thinking a lot about a Weezery Wayne’s World, and this definitely made its way into the lyrics. During the Bridge there’s a guitar solo which was performed by Harley De’vere who played with me in The Yada Yada Yadas, and also performs live with Trunky, which plays heavily on the Wayne’s World aesthetic. 

It’s not too much of a departure from the Trunky Juno sound (wobbly music with nouns in the lyrics) and I like to think I can hear all of my favourite artists in there, all the way through from Bowie to Father John Misty. 

As for what’s inspiring me right now, I’m currently binge-watching Star Trek The Next Generation on Netflix during lockdown, so expect a concept album full of stirring ballads about Picard, Data and the whole gang.

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