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Sunderland’s indie-rock songsmith Tom A Smith drops his brand new single, Get Me Started. It’s an engaging offering complete with chugging rhythm, growling guitars and synthy undercurrents that create bubbling sonic scenery that compliments Tom’s commanding and impassioned vocals that discuss self-belief and alcohol’s role in instilling confidence. 

Here, Tom tells us about what inspired the single…

I don’t think I ever go into writing a tune and think that I want to borrow from somebody or copy a style.  The first thing that sprung to mind was that I needed a song that would demonstrate our bass player’s (Katie Anderson) coolness live and could maybe replace an EP track called Toronto in the set as it evolved.  So by using a synth bass line, it freed up Katie to play what really should be a lead guitar part but on a bass guitar instead. 

As has been the case lately I went into it without having any lyrics in mind and just built, what I think, is a really strong instrumental track. The synth bass line has a bit of a Pulp vibe but I never really thought about that until afterwards so it wasn’t a conscious decision to do it. I’d normally then hum a potential vocal melody over the top that was usually in addition to whatever guitar melody I had created and in this instance it just worked that they are similar.

When it came to the lyrics I reckon it literally took ten minutes from the moment I sat down and it started from the first line in the first verse. Having the melody already in place really restricts what you are singing so when the first line just fit it dictated what I was going to write about and it’s really easy for me to write about my insecurities. I can do an interview easily but small talk is awful from my point of view. Then the “I’m only drinking to get me started”  line just appeared and I can’t really explain it. Everything just flowed which can happen.  The final recording is pretty much identical to the original demo and I didn’t want to be too far removed from that because it has a real vibe. The only extra addition on the final recording is a xylophone and that is because I really fancied playing one.

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