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Alt-rockers THRONES drop their brand new single, Wires, a crisply produced, pulsating offering, with an epic, expansive sound bringing together rock, metalcore and synthpop elements and complete with impassioned vocals (from newly acquired singer Jonathan Walker), booming beats and soaring synths. 

Here, the band tell us what inspired this latest release…

The new single ‘Wires’ ushers in a new era for Thrones. embodying an energetic and aggressive spirit that signals a fresh chapter in their musical journey. The track is a testament to the band’s evolution, blending modern rock and metalcore with electronic synthpop elements and grand orchestral stylings. It’s a sonic experience that defies genre norms, urging listeners to expect the unexpected while embracing all of Thrones’ influences.

Wires was created during a period of transformation for THRONES. As we navigated significant changes within the band, this track became a source of renewed energy and focus. Drawing inspiration from Dayseeker, Bad Omens, and Sleep Token, Wires blends synth-heavy elements with our signature wall of guitars and aggressive drums. We explored a new direction with a dance-influenced pre-chorus and a synth solo in the bridge. Dynamically, Wires’ stands as a bold statement and is our biggest track to date. We feel it ushers in a new era for THRONES, embodying an energetic and aggressive spirit that signals a fresh chapter in our journey as a band.

While auditioning new vocalists, we aimed for an impactful debut track. When Jonny received the demo, he crafted vocal parts that perfectly matched the song’s vibe, even shaping sections like the pre-chorus groove. We are incredibly proud of this track and thrilled with Jonny’s contribution. Lyrically, Wires’ is about supporting someone through tough times, acknowledging their pain, and reminding them of their inner strength and the comfort found in shared memories. It captures the essence of this era of THRONES.

This single marks the beginning of a new chapter for THRONES with Jonny. We are immensely proud of Wires, a track that has significantly influenced our writing process. The new music we’ve been creating with Jonny feels like our best work yet and we are looking forward to making a strong return after our time away, Wires feels like a perfect introduction to this new chapter for the band.

Lewis (Bass): The song came together quickly. I felt a strong motivation to push forward, so I went into my home studio, experimented with synth patches, and mapped out the song’s structure Once I came up with the chord sequence, everything kind of fell into place after that.”

Dave (Drums): In the drum arrangement, I drew inspiration from the intricate patterns of II from Sleep Token. Especially in the second verse, I aimed to infuse rhythmic depth with variations while maintaining a solid groove for the bigger sections.

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