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The Woven Project release their final remix from the Let Beautiful In Rewoven Project. The Foll reworking of Winds is a song filled with haunting ambience with a blend of ethereal vocals that ebb in and out, reminiscent of Death In Vegas’ Girls, as well as some lovely string accompaniment and spritely beats.

Here, the band tell us more about what inspired the track…

I wish I could tell you of some deep dark meaning to this track. Truth is I wrote it forever ago, with a great friend I see not nearly enough nowadays. Andy Rowe.

But I do remember how it felt to write. One of those moments, a conversation. Andy is a great percussionist and he picked up my guitar and started playing that simple but melodic rhythm you hear throughout the track. The lyrics began as pure notes. We were both on a huge natural high. We’d met the lovely ladies that went on to be the mothers of our children only days before, at ‘Middlesbrough Live’ of all places.

So we are in my kitchen, having a moment. That moment, that song made it to a couple of gigs. A good song, not the best in our repertoire but it’s there. Played it live a few times.

Jump forward 14 years and we’re in the studio with Foll. It’s been a good day, the beds are down for 5 tracks and we’re buzzing. We’re stripping down and Foll says ‘I’ve got half an hour left if you want to play?’ 

So always wanting to be the centre of attention, I sat and started playing. And there it was, buried but there. my musical safe space, as I’m not that technically gifted. A place to be emotive.  

Then we jump to today. Every single track we produced that day has been twisted and turned by other musicians that see the beauty in our works and turned them into their own. I love it. We’re just the foundation but still, it’s a conversation, the exact same conversation I had 14 years ago, just with more voices.

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