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Teesside trio The Inklings drop their sixth album, Return Of The Puppets. The haunting carnival-esque keys of Puppets, the aggressive punch of Welcome To The Light or the wailing guitars of Who Are They Gonna Make You Blame Today all help paint a dystopian soundscape for the lyrics which discuss control and power and its impact on society. 

Here, the band tell us a little more about the album’s influences…

Return Of The Puppets’ has really been inspired by some of the major signifiers that have become even more pronounced in these modern times. Puppets, although being it’s only self-contained story is an analogy and symbolic of control and the way many people are being manipulated in different ways.

Welcome To The Light touches on how a certain demographic of people are susceptible to joining cults or believing big untruths, as the saying goes ‘Are you gonna believe me or your lying eyes?’ – whereas the song ‘Who They Gonna Make You Blame Today?’ documents how nowadays people are controlled by being bombarded with information on who is to blame for their problems. Classic divide and conquer for the 21st Century.

The rest of the album touches on these subjects to varying degrees, but not always.

Musically we are inspired by pretty much anything from the early 60s to the modern day. If it fits we use it. No style is wrong and if suits the song we are happy to use it. Makes us not too easy to pigeonhole – but we don’t mind.

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