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Tall Talker are an instrumental progressive jazz/math band from Leeds signed to Middlesbrough label Sad For Life and were due to play at this year’s Heelapalooza had that darned COVID-19 ruined it for everyone. The band have recently contributed their new single, River Hands, to a fundraising compilation for Leeds artists called Come Stay With Me, organised by record label and development agency Come Play With Me. The vinyl album will feature tracks from Magick Mountain, Talkboy, Dialect, Team Picture, Van Houten, Dead Naked Hippies and more, alongside artwork from ‘Life’ drummer Stewart Baxter. To celebrate the release the band give us a bit more insight to their contribution by telling us about what inspired it.

Being an instrumental band it’s hard to pinpoint the exact inspiration for a track since we don’t have any vocals, so it’s not like we decided “We want this song to be about this or that”. However, there are moments on the tune which showcase what we want to achieve, lots of changing dynamics, grooves and ideas. You could say our main inspiration in general is just to write music together we find fun, progressive and unheard in a way that feels fresh and exciting.  We try and cram as much as possible into a few minutes and not have it be too esoteric so it can still remain accessible. River Hands is one of the first tunes we ever arranged together but we’re only just releasing it now because we wanted to really get the best out of it in the production like adding little overdubs we can’t strictly do live with just the 3 of us. Zach composed the melodies on guitar then brought them to the rhythm section, Sam (drums) and Josh (bass), we hashed it out in rehearsal rooms for a week or so. This is the beginning of our attempts to make complex but danceable songs. You can hear our love of Hip-Hop, Rock and Jazz on this tune, check out Masta Ace Incorporated, Fugazi, King Crimson, TTNG, Preston-Glasgow-Lowe to hear what kind of music we find inspiring.

Come Play With Me · Tall Talker – River Hands

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