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North Shields and Whitley Bay music outfit, Spelks release their second EP ‘Destinations. This latest offering has a little something for everyone from the waltzy sounds of Nightingale to the rocky crunch of Gingerbread to the acoustic etherealness of Wave and the 90s pop sound of Searchlights. 

Here, each member of the band tells us about the inspirations behind the EP…

Everything about Pixies has made me sit up and listen since I was first introduced to them. The weirdness of everything was what got me hooked. The lyrics were abstract, the guitar sounds were like nothing I’d heard before, the odd timings in the songs, it all stood out. I love the efficiency of the music, there’s so much packed into short spaces of time and the energy of the songs makes me want another one as soon as one has finished. I’m also a huge fan of their minimalist live performances. There’s no ‘look at me’ moments, they just turn up, blow you away, then leave.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Scandi/Icelandic soundscapes of the likes of Sigur Ros ad Olafur Arnalds, and, in similar measure, the film work of Carter Burwell; add to this a bit of a passion for music technology and you arrive at Kiasmos – a duo from which I take huge inspiration. It’s all in there – Olafur Arnalds’ intimate piano and strings set against a backdrop of beats, bleeps and heavy basslines that combine to create an ethereal post club, cinematic vibe – perfect for the moody shit in all of us.

I was first introduced to Kate Bush through a friend who played me The Man With The Child In His Eyes, at around 16. At the time I had just joined my first covers band and was getting more than a bit fed up with constant renditions of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ et al. I was looking for some new inspiration and Kate certainly provided it. I didn’t think I’d heard anyone who sounded like her (still don’t). I loved the mysterious, ethereal quality to her songwriting. Whenever I find I’m lacking inspiration, a Kate Bush album has me instantly motivated. Despite multiple listens, I always find something new that I didn’t notice before. My favourite way to listen is to blast it full belt in the car and annoy all the other drivers. I’m always considerate enough not to attempt Wuthering Heights.

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