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Sunderland’s ethereal folk-pop artist Shannon Pearl releases her latest single Halcyon, which aims to raise awareness about the climate crisis. The track fuses Celtic folk with classic rock elements and includes percussive keys, evocative strings and wailing guitar to provide a rich tapestry of sound for Shannon’s strong, melodious vocal, which at times is reminiscent of Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks.

Here, Shannon tells us more about what inspired the song…

Like most of my music ‘Halcyon’ is inspired by my ancestral homelands, of England and Scotland. I’m a sucker for traditional Celtic folk music so there are elements of that strewn across all of my works and this song is no different. It seemed very fitting to have Halcyon release coincide with Earth Day [22.04.22] The reason for that is, the song itself is indeed about the climate crisis and I care so much about the environment personally, so I wanted to raise awareness in the only way I know how, through the creative arts.  For me ‘Halcyon’ represents the feeling of helplessness in the wake of our rapidly changing climate. The foreboding that comes with the scientific knowledge of the future and stagnant inaction from our current governing powers. Initially the piano part and vocal melody for Halcyon emerged from a song writing retreat I went on to the lake district about 4 years ago. Which is where I take a lot of my inspiration from. The creation of this piece wasn’t fuelled by the need to release something quickly just to have something out there to share. But rather to create something very poignant and real; in an organic way, over a time period that felt natural to me and my cycles of creativity, hence why this is a long time coming. I was blessed to have the talents of Janet Tomlinson, fiddle player from HEK feature on the single and as always, the recording and production wizardry of John Timney. 

I enjoy working with the natural sounds the earth can make and do a lot of field recording to include this in my music and other projects. If you listen carefully, you will hear some of this ‘found sound’. I like to think of it as an artist’s way of giving the earth (a non-verbal being) a voice in all of this chaos.  There is definitely a cognitive dissonance between humanity and our natural environment. If we could only find a less destructive, more gentle way of living we might be able to make a difference. A shift in our collective consciousness is so urgently needed! 

 I hope this track causes rumination on our state of disconnect from our life source as a species and has a ripple effect from thought to action to change.

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